Visit the four light houses

The four light houses in the Vågsøy-area, Kråkenes, Ulvesund, Hendanes and Skongenes light house, are among popular sights to see for cruisetravellers. Måløy will this year have 39 cruise ship visits from 20 ships between May and September. Every visit will be accompanied by cultural happenings, fun activities and bustling street life. There are also a lot of sights to see, both in and around Måløy, but also in the region. The tourist information is centrally placed in Gate 1, the main street, generally has long opening hours on cruise days.

Foto: Thomas Hagen/Galleri H

Meet the deer or take a walk with a llama

At the large deer- and llamafarm Nordfjordhjort, situated at Nave, Bryggja, you can meet quite a few animals. The farm is home to 24 lamas, deer, goats with kids and dogs. You can join the owners in feeding the animals and some of the llamas are even trained to wear halter so maybe you can take a walk with a llama? Nordfjordhjort also offers rides with ATV, canoe and pedal boats and activities such as lasso and axe throwing. There is also a pavilion seating 40-50 people that can be used for barbecues or just a rest on a busy day. Many companies use this farm as a place to go for colleagues to have fun together and the farm also receives many cruise tourists during the summer months. This year Nordfjordhjort won’t be open Sundays, but they are open for bookings if you call ahead.

Nordfjordhjort is home to 24 lamas, deer, goats with kids and dogs. Foto: Bjørn Erik Drabløs

Immerse yourself in history

On the island Selja you can immerse yourself in the life and history of Saint Sunniva. The daughter of an Irish king was, according to the legend, escaping from vikings and stranded on Selja. She hid in a cave and was buried, but her body was later found intact. Her status as Patron Saint of Western Norway was a fact. The ruins of the monastery on the island is one of the best preserved facilities in Norway.

Foto: Thomas Hagen/Galleri H

8.000 year old rock carvings

Over 2.000 petroglyphs, some as old as 8.000 years, can be seen in the Vingen rock carvings fields by Skatestraumen in Bremanger. The fields are one of the largest in the Nordic countries. So far we know of about 2.200 drawings carved into rock and stone. The carvings are dated to the stone age, the period from 6.000 to 2.000 B.C. Vingen is a protected, area but there are guided tours every Friday from June to August.

The Vingen rock carvings fields by Skatestraumen in Bremanger. Foto: Siri Kolseth

Has been shaped by the ocean

The famous Kannesteinen has become an attraction that many want to see, not to mention take a picture of or on. The special rock, which is formed by the tide and waves, and ice and rocks through thousands of years, is situated among he rocks and pebbles in Oppedal, on the west side of Vågsøy. When driving from Måløy to Oppedal you’ll drive through the idyllic villages of Holvik, Vågsvåg and Torskangerpoll. In Vågsvåg you will se many a colourful house along the way and in Torskangerpoll beautiful old sea houses.

Kannesteinen. Foto: Erling Wåge/Fjordenes Tidende

Enjoy an animalistic experience

Mus, lamas, alpakkas, ducks, donkeys, horses, pigs, cow, dogs, kittens and baby goats are just some of the many animals you can meet at Hakallegarden in Vanylven. Aina and Olav runs the farm at Hakallestranda. You can pet and feed the animals and also go for a horseback ride. They have tractor rides and a pond with small boats. If you get hungry, you can eat in the cafe, and you can stay the night at the camping or indoors at «Fjørehuset». Hakallegarden opens when school is over in mid June.

Hakallegarden. Foto: Siri Kolseth

Visit the ancient stone church

The old church on the island Kinn, Kinnakyrkja, is built in stone, probably sometime during the 12th century. It’s the oldest, and the only one of its kind, in the region of Sunnfjord, as well as one of the most impressive monuments of the Middle Ages in Western Norway. Kinnakyrkja was the main church in Kinn parish until 1882 when a new church was built in the city of Florø. Scientists agree that both the Kinn church and Selja monastery share a common history. At the island Kinn you can also enjoy the historic play, Kinnaspelet, this year on June 17th and 18th.

The cemetery by the sea

The uniqe cemetery in Ervik, Stadlandet, situated practically at the sea shore, has a large collection of cast iron crosses and many angels statues.

Ervik cemetery at Stadlandet. Foto: Svanhild Breidalen

By the graveyard you will also find Ervik church, the chapel built in memory of the ship St. Svithun that went down in an accident at sea during WWII. The passenger ship was in 1943 accidentally shot at and sunk by British fighter planes believing there were Germans on board. 78 passengers were rescued by brave local people, but 50 people sadly lost their lives. The ship clock hangs as a memorial in the bell tower.

See the exact copy of a viking ship

At the viking center Sagastad you’ll se a true copy of the Myklebust ship and learn more about Nordfjord’s rich viking history. The ship is the largest that one has found traces of in Norway. The large ship was found in a grave mound in Nordfjordeid in 1874, og boatbuilders worked from 2016 to 2019 to replicate the ship. Sagastad is open every day from late May to late August, and after that every weekday for a few weeks.

Sagastad. Foto: Thomas Hagen/Galleri H

Enjoy idyllic beaches

Bremanger is known for its spectacular beaches og magnificent scenery. Both beaches Grotlesanden and Vetvika are very popular among tourists and visitors. Silky, white sand covers both beaches. Grotlesanden is easily accessed by car, but to reach Vetvika you will have to hike across the mountains or come by boat. If you arrive by boat you’ll have to cast anchor at a distance and row or swim to shore.

Vetvika. Foto: Arkivfoto

Grab a bite here

If you get hungry in the Måløy-area you’ll have many options. The restaurant and winebar called Kadaver is worth a visit. You’ll find Havna Inn, a family oriented café that offers traditional food, int he main street. Havfruen restaurant at the town square is known for its fish dishes and outdoor serving. And the cosy cafes Bjørgs Mat i Måløy and Bakeriet in Deknpollen are also open. Thaifood can be bought at Torget Mat in Måløy or from Nybakk’s food trailer on the main land. You can also eat while you bowl at Splitt Bowling in Gate 1.

One of Norway’s best beaches

Refviksanden in the village Refvik  on the northern part of Vågsøy har several times been named one of Norway’s best beaches. The 1 mile long beach with bright white sand has an impresse view west towards the open sea. Enjoy the sun, have a (rather cold) dip in the crystal clear water or test your surfing abilities. On this big beach there is plenty of room to play, barbecue or just be social. The Refvik community offers camping facilities for visitors with their tents or RV’s right by the beach which also has parking, sanitary facilities and a kiosk.

Refviksanden. Foto: Seline Larsen/Fjordenes Tidende

Come close to the fjord horse

At Norsk Fjordhestsenter, the Norwegian Fjord Horse Center, in Nordfjordeid in Stad municipality you will find yourself getting  close to  the  sweet tempered fjord horse. There are tours and guided tours every day from mid-June to mid-August. There are guided tours for kids every day, and they also offer tours on horseback to Utsikten, a look out point that gives you a great view of Nordfjordeid.

Enjoy local food and great views

Norway’s westernmost mountain plateau is Vestkapp in Stad kommune. Vestkapp gives you panoramic views of the infamous piece of sea, Stadhavet, as well as both Vestland and Møre and Romsdal counties. Vestkapp is equally exciting in gleaming sun or stormy eather. In Vestkapp restaurant, 500 meters above sea level, you can enjoy the spectacular views as well as great local food.

Vestkapp. Foto: Thomas Hagen/Galleri H

How about a light house safari?

A short boat trip from Florø gives you endless possibilities. Visit quaint islands like Reksta, Askrova, Svanøy or Skorpa. On the islands outside Florø you can take walks or bicycle rides in  beatiful scenery.  Many islands have a shop and accomodations for spending the night. But the boatride in itself is also a beautiful experience. Amongst things to see is Stabben light house, which cover almost all of the rock on which its situated. This summer Visit Fjordkysten also has what they call «light house safaris» with the antique passenger boat MS Atløy.

Climb Europe’s highest sea cliff

If you want to experinence Europe’s highest sea cliff, visit Bremanger. Hornelen, with its 860 meters above sea level, delivers a powerful view. There are two routes to choose from, one is a little longer, but easier, while the other one is shorter, but steeper. You should also walk with people who know the mountain and are experienced hikers. At the summit you’ll find Olavsbu, a small emergency cabin owned by Keipen Trekking Association. On this hike you’ll get spectacular views of the ocean, Nordfjord and the majestetic mountains of Bremanger.

Hornelen. Foto: Svanhild Breidalen

Walk through history

Eidsgata,  the main street in Nordfjordeid, is what you would call shopping in nice sorroundings. The street is as close as you get to a national treasure that both cruise guests and other travellers like to visit. I Tverrgata you’ll find old, beatiful wooden houses and close by, you’ll see signs of much older settlements, farmyards and burial mounds at Myklebust, that show Nordfjordeid as a power centre in the viking era.

Discover spectacular street art

A grey concrete city surrounded by stunning scenery and dramatic coastal history was where Tone Andal started her street art project.  The first muriel came up in 2017, and now more than 20 buildings in Måløy and surrounding villages have wall paintings by both national  and international artists. Walk through the city centre and discover the hidden art. You will be both surprised and impressed.

The village of Refvik with street art. Foto: Thomas Hagen/Galleri H

Ride the best waves

Right at the edge of Stad municipality you’ll  find  the two popular surfers’ beaches, Hoddevik and Ervik, known all over ence. You can rent surfing the world. At Hoddevik the surf’s perfect both summer and winter. The spectacular surrounding nature and shielding mountains makes this visit a once in a lifetime experigeer, take classes and stay the night, but it’s a popular place so don’t wait around to book.

Try your luck on a treasure hunt

At Åheim in Vanylven you can experience life as a treasure hunter. Search for the beautiful gems hidden under the gravel in Sundalen. The area hosts one of the world’s largest deposits of the mineral olivine. Digging for gemstones is exciting, but requires a little patience. If lucky, you will find a big, green peridot, a type of gemstone already known in Antiquity. Peridot from Åheim is worldrenowned for its intense green colour and purity. All the largest mineral museums both in Norway and abroad have peridots from Åheim in their collections.

Foto: Privat

The cabin that clings to the cliff

In September of 2019 a new storm cabin opened at Kalvåg, about 400 meters after the  mountain Dosavarden, hence the cabin name Dosabu. The cabin is spectacularly situated as it  perches on the mountain’s side high above open sea. All you see is ocean, ships in the distance and a rich bird life. Maybe even a sea eagle. Dosabu is worth a visit both on sunny and stormy days, and the sunsets are nothing less than fabulous. From Nesje the cabin is about a 3,5 km walk. If you start the hike from Kalvåg, the trip will be 6,5 km one way.

Foto: Privat

Visit the island with no cars

The island Silda situated outside Måløy is a popular destination for both locals and visitors. To get to this carless island you would have to go by your own boat or hop on the shuttle boat Øyglimt.

Foto: Thomas Hagen/Galleri H

The island has a well developed harbour which is popular among seafarers. Silda also has good hiking trails including a round trip of the island, only about 1.5 km all in all. There are only a few permanent residents on this island, but during the summer the population increases drastically due to the many holiday homes. At Silda you can also eat at the cosy restaurant Skjærbuda.

Stored ammunition in the cave

The area Gottebergshammeren in Måløy is now more available for both locals and visitors. There is now a trail to the top including a trail to the cave that served as ammunition storage for the Germans during WWII. The firing position was meant to overpower allied air strikes. Five German soldiers held watch at the spot and the people of Måløy had to seek cover when air alarms sounded.

Foto: Marianne S. Rotihaug

Are you looking for activities?

If you need equipment and gear to fill your vacation with action, you can visit BUA Måløy. You’ll find it close to the town square in Måløy. BUA is a national ideal organization working to make it easier for children and young people to try out activities without increasing the family’s spending. These «lending centrals» can be found several places in the municipalities of Kinn, Stad, Bremanger and Vanylven.

Enjoy beautiful views

On the island Vågsøy and the mainland you can enjoy great views of the city, villages and the ocean. From Ellingskarhornet in the south end you can enjoy a great view of Måløy, and you can also take a round or two in the walking or jogging trails.

Foto: Thomas Hagen/Galleri H

One trail circles the sports field situated in the mountain side and the other circles the lake Skramsvatnet. From the trails you can also easily reach hiking trails to mountains Kjæretoppane or Veten. If you want a view of Måløy and the region from the mainland you can visit the triangleshaped cabin situated on top of the mountain Kletten.

24/7 kiosks open i remote areas

In Norway shops are usually closed on Sundays and national holidays, but don’t despair. There are open kiosks in between, and in three places in the remote regions of Stad municipality you’ll find small, unmanned kiosks called «Tår». There are Tår-kiosks in the surfer’s villages Hoddevik and Ervik, as well as in Selje. The last one is situated by the beautiful beach Seljesanden. The kiosks have more than just kiosk supplies, and also stock your basic necessities and some groceries.

Idyllic places without roads

Many know outer Fure, the tiny village with­out any roads in Stad municipality. But the area has more roadless, secluded and idyllic farm yards to show visitors. The farm Årdal is situated in a small valley by the mountain Liberra on the south side of Stadlandet.

Foto: Bjørn Erik Drabløs

The farm is by now vacated and has no road access. In this farm yard there used to be nine buildings. What’s left today are two small houses, an outhouse and a barn. Down by the sea shore there used to be two boat houses and a mill house. A road has been made to the house and there is also a small bridge to cross the river.

Test your nerves in via ferrata

Hornelen Via Ferrata, the iron trail bolted into the steep mountain side of Europe’s highest seacliff Hornelen 860 meters above sea level, opens in mid June. You’ll find yourself climbing straight up the precipitous mountain side with the ocean several hundred meters below you. Airy, to say the least. The rush of adrenalin is guaranteed.

Foto: Norges Boltefond

You can choose different routes, some short and some longer, and you can also book guided tours for half a day or a whole day. Safety is at the forefront, maintained through experienced guides and all necessary security precautions are taken.

Nice villages on every corner

In Bremanger, which is a large municipality in terms of area, but not people, you’ll find several idyllic villages along your way. In Iglandsvik there are actitvities and sights, and the village even has its own rock festival in mid July. At Rugsundøy and Smørhamn you’ll find old places of commerce where you’re basically walking through history. If you drive through Bremanger you’ll encounter idyllic villages one after another.

Foto: Thomas Hagen/Galleri H

Witches were burnt at the stake

Vanylven experienced several witch trials between 1679 og 1683. At least eight women had to appear before the courts accused of witchcraft, and three women ended up being burnt at the stake. Anne Mogensdatter Løset was the first one. She faced three gatherings at court in summer/fall of 1679 and was in the end executed by fire on the reef Rovdeskjæret. The bonfire was so high it was well above Anne’s head.

Two hotels with a lot going on

At Knutholmen in Kalvåg, Bremanger, you can swim in the ocean and then sit in a warm, floating sauna and enjoy fabulous views afterwards. The old fishing village has beautiful clear water and colourful tree houses. The hotel itself offers gourmet food, accommodations in beautiful surroundings as well as a chocolate factory and shop. Bremanger fjordhotel in Svelgen has overnight accommodations, a restaurant and entertainment, and is also co-located with the library where you can enjoy cultural events. Svelgen also has a rich industrial heritage and historical trails to experience.